CTLX Market Report 30/06/15

Only a slight increase in numbers was recorded to 2530 head.

Quality improved in the cow and grown steer runs. Young cattle remained mixed, with most going to feedlot orders as prime cattle were limited. Vealers were better supplied. All the usual buyers attended the dearer market.

Trade vealers gained 10c, selling between 294c and 328c/kg. Feeder steers gained 8c to 10c, with most selling from 310c to 333c/kg. Heifers to feed improved further, to range from 290c to 306c/kg.

Trade steers lifted 10c to 15c, receiving 311c to
324c/kg, and heifers were up 6c to 7c, with most making 293c to 310c/kg.

A bigger and better run of grown steers and bullocks gained 10c, to range from 300c to 328c/kg. Grown heifers reached 304c/kg.

Cows were the big mover, with light weights gaining 25c and the heavy weights 15c to 20c/kg. Medium weight 2 scores sold from 198c to 220c and the heavy 3 and 4 scores 218c to 246c/kg. Best of the heavy bulls reached 284c/kg.

Top quotes from today:

M & N Pannowitz, Blayney, Angus X Steers, 335.0c, 399kg, $1336.65

O’Connor Partnership, Oberon, Angus X Steers, 332.4c, 370kg, $1231.54

G & C Oborn, Forest Reefs, Angus X Steers, 332.2c, 414kg, 1375.3

Mitara Trading, O’Connell, Angus Steers, 332.0c, 422kg, $1401.59

Adams Family, Tallwood, Angus X Steers, 326.6c, 492kg, $1609.41

POG Resources, Bathurst, Angus X Heifers, 308.2, 600kg, $1849.20

L F Baker, Millthorpe, Angus Cows, 246.2c, 639kg, $1573.50

R G Stanbridge, Blayney, Angus X Cows, 235.0c, 668kg, $1571.78

J Bosanquet, Wellington, Angus Heifers, 308.2, 507kg, $1563.15

R G Stanbridge, Blayney, Angus Bull, 282.2c, 995kg, $2807.89

Once again an exceedingly hot cattle market greeted vendors this week with the full complement of usual buyers jostling with an extra southern order or two for available supplies. The market continues to set new records, seemingly on a weekly basis!

Just about every category saw substantial rises today with cows & feeders the two real standouts. For the first time today I did see what appeared to be a move amongst some producers to take the money on this cow job. To the extent that significant pens of apparently younger cows were being killed and not announced to to be preg tested empty. If this was to gain any sort of momentum who knows where cattle numbers and prices could be in twelve months time.

Feeders likewise continue to hit new ground with 330 cents being bettered on several occasions. Some really classy lines of feeder steers and heifers in the run today with vendors to be congratulated on presenting the cattle in the manner they have. Great to see people being rewarded for the effort, time and money invested.

The new financial year is upon us tomorrow and with it we will see some changes at CTLX when it comes to our selling of store cattle. With the recent lift in cattle prices to these new levels there has been a constant request to have cattle pre weighed so as purchasers can make informed choices when they are buying cattle. We have been doing this unofficially for some time, however, as from next week store cattle will be officially pre weighed and their weights displayed. We hope this allows more producers to feel comfortable stepping into the saleyards and competing with the professional buyers. Any queries on this don’t hesitate to give anyone of us a call.

Have a great week.