CTLX Market Report 29/09/15

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It was a mixed yarding of 2460 head with some good lines of well finished cattle in all sections along with a large percentage of unfinished young cattle. Numbers increased by 800 head.

Yearling steers to the trade were in line with the previous sale selling from 290c to 330c/kg. Yearling heifers were back 5c to 10c to sell from 270c to 330c/kg.

Feeder steers were back 5c selling from 280c to 345c for the better lines, while restockers were strong selling to 353c/kg.

Grown steers were in line with last week selling from 310c to 335c/kg. Grown heifers were 6c dearer and sold to 318c/kg.

Cows were 10c cheaper selling from 240c to 313c for an exceptional pen of Charolais. Bulls were up 25c selling to 338c/kg.


Top results from today’s yarding:

Sunnypoint Pastoral, Oberon, Angus Bull, 320.0c, 800kg, $2560.00

P & W Hazelwood, Guyong, Angus X COWs, 261.2c, 772kg, $2016.84

J & D Stephens, Yass, Hereford Cow, 268.0c, 674kg, $1806.32

Y J & J G Brown, Newbridge, Angus X Cows, 253.2, 577kg, $1460.96

R J & V A Meyenn, Springside, Angus Steers, 342.2c, 431kg, $1475.74

R E & S Moad, Springhill, Angus Heifers, 314.0c, 415kg, $1305.72

B J & L M Baker, Carcoar, Charolais X Steers, 335.0c, 458kg, $1534.30

L J & D W Grady, Blacksprings, Charolais X Heifers, 308.6c, 407kg, $1256.77

M & A Miller, Glanmire, Angus Steers, 345.2c, 327kg, $1129.87

G P & M G Clout, Orange, Angus X Steers, 360.2c, 247kg, $891.49

At the risk of sounding like the proverbial scratched record the job was bloody good! Bulls were of the planet jumping to all-time highs. Cows lost a little of last week’s shine and everything else traded at more or less fully firm rates. The outstanding segment to me in the market at present is the almost unquenchable thirst for store cattle in the physical market. Store steers are unprocurable under 340 cents and we saw pens today breaking thru 360 cents. Heifers similar weight are all well past 300 cents. Any talk of dry weather ahead is doing little to dampen demand at present and this will be an interesting space to watch over coming weeks.

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