CTLX Market Report 24/11/15

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CTLXNumbers lifted and the quality was mixed with all weights and grades represented in a yarding of 3025 head. A large percentage of the yearling
cattle penned presented in store condition, which attracted the attention of the feeder buyers and restockers. Grown steers were in greater numbers than the previous week, and there were also reasonable numbers of grown heifers yarded. There was also a lift in the numbers of cows penned, however quality varied throughout the yarding. All of the usual buyers were in attendance however a large export order did not operate. Restockers were active in their bidding, competing strongly against the feeders on the secondary lines of cattle. Overall the feeder cattle trended dearer, pushing trade buyers out of the market.

Veal Calves under 200kg to the trade sold from 330c to 350c, with the heavier Veal to suit the trade selling between 280c to 329.6c/kg. Yearling steers in prime condition sold between 312c to 342c/kg. Feeder steers sold to strong competition, trading from 289c to 337c, lifting up to 22c/kg in the lighter grades. Restockers had to work hard to secure better bred cattle, with prices ranging between 290c to 369.8c, with prices jumping 18c/kg in the medium weights.

Yearling heifers in prime condition were in short supply, and sold from 280c to 318c/kg. Yearling Heifers to feed were in high demand, with buyers purchasing some finished lines to feed-on, prices ranged from 276c to 309c/kg. Heifers returning to the paddock gained some momentum, selling between 265c to 318c/kg.

Heavy Steers and Bullocks sold between 260c to 309c, to average 292.7c/kg. Heavy grown Heifers traded between 235c to 278c, to average 264.8c/kg lwt.

Heavy cows weighing over 520kg sold between 229c to 250c easing 5c to 8c/kg. Lighter cows, weighing below 520kg, sold between 200c to 238c, with the leaner cows lifting 2c and the 3 scores easing 4c/kg.

Heavy Bulls sold between 245c to 295c/kg.

Top quotes from today:
C P & P G Stonestreet, Molong, Angus Bulls, 285.0c, 1165kg, $3320.25

Sylvan Past Co, Cumnock, Shorthorn Bulls, 288.0c, 1110kg, $3196.80

Lladner Past Co, Bathurst, Hereford Cows, 242.0c, 788kg, $1906.96

Chesney Past Co, Burnt Yards, Shorthorn Cows, 255.0c, 608kg, $1550.40

M & S Parfett, Blayney, Angus Cows, 244.2c, 528kg, $1289.48

K A Hughes, Panuara, Red Angus X Steers, 294.0c, 782kg, $2299.08

D J & H E Larnach, Rockley, Limousin X Steers, 293.2c, 560kg, $1641.92

Stirling Past Co, Molong, Angus Steers, 300.0c, 528kg, $1585.71

C J & L W South, Tallwood, Angus Steers, 325.6c, 474kg, $1543.34

The Meadows Angus, Oberon, Angus Steers, 342.6c, 394kg, $1351.84

Brian Hundy, Bathurst, Angus Steers, 342.6, 385kg, $1319.01

D B P & P J Larimer, Lewis Ponds, Angus Heifers, 309.2c, 366kg, $1133.00

Once again a very solid market with strong rates throughout. Some of the fatter end of the cows looked a little easier the rest were near enough to firm possibly stronger. Lean cows were keenly sought throughout. The rest of the market to me seemed near enough to firm, except for heavy steers which enjoyed considerably stronger competition.

With the run in to the Christmas break now well and truly on the market looks set to remain solid. I would, however, caution against leaving heavy cattle right to the death. If you are lucky enough to have any of these types ready to sell it may be best to get them turned into cash sooner rather than later and take advantage of the existing strong rates – and ready for the Christmas sales!!

Store sales will be back with us in the blink of an eye. Sale advertising will be due at the start of next week so if you are thinking of consigning cattle please call early so we can have your entries listed to full advantage. With the abundant feed at present in paddocks and positive outlooks across all market segments you can be consigning any of these cattle with the utmost confidence.

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