CTLX Market Report 02/06/15

It was a good quality yarding of 2915 prime cattle with a good representation of young cattle to suit the processors and feeders, along with some good runs of well finished grown steers. Cows were also well supplied.

Young cattle to the processors were firm to 4c dearer, with vealers selling to 310c/kg. Prime yearling steers sold from 288c to 312c while the prime heifer yearlings sold from 270c to 294c/kg.

Young feeder cattle were 10c to 12c dearer, with feeder steers selling from 270c to 315c while the feeder heifers sold from 227c to 291c/kg.

Grown steers were 14c dearer, with the prime medium and heavy weights selling from 245c to 311c to slaughter and 317c/kg to feed. Grown heifers sold to 290c/kg.

Cows were 9c to 13c cheaper with the 2 scores selling from 138c to 175c/kg. The better 3 and 4 score cows sold from 154c to 215c, with the 4 score heavy weights averaging 195c/kg. Bulls were also cheaper, selling to 246c/kg.

Top quotes from today’s sale:
B R & D J Kingham, Millthorpe, Angus Steers, 308.8c, 596kg, $1841.22

Kerry Anne Hughes, Panuara, Angus X Steers, 308.2c, 586kg, 1806.82

Carmen T Holden, Rockley, Angus Steers, 314.2c, 521kg, $1637.33

M & J Robson, Carcoar, Charolais Cows, 210.0c, 774kg, $1625.40

Ian Butcher, Oberon, Angus Steers, 316.8c, 508kg, $1610.40

B J & G M Gearon, Carcoar, Angus Steers, 309.2c, 494kg, $1528.33

N & B Bright, Carcoar, Charolais X Heifers, 287.8c, 507kg, $1459.14

C P & P G Stonestreet, Barry, Angus Cows, 211.6c, 624kg, $1321.71

O’Connor Partnership, Lyndhurst, Angus X Steers, 312.0c, 398kg, $1243.32

Graeme Wren, Orange, Angus X Heifer Vealer, 305.2c, 368kg, $1123.14

J & H Johnson, Angus Steer Weaners, 298.2c, 310kg, $911.38

Helms Partnership, Bathurst, Angus Steer Weaners, 396.4c, 301kg, $894.14

Earlscolne Pastoral CO, Mt David, Angus Steer Weaners, 298.2c, 289kg, $862.54

Another strong morning at CTLX with all regular orders in operation. The market did open softer but strengthened as the sale progressed. Cows and bulls probably suffered the most noticeable falls although there were a few exceptions to this trend. This softening in the cow price is more than likely related to the falls suffered in US imported manufacturing product. As supply tightens across the Eastern seaboard as we head into winter and NZ supplies dry up over coming weeks one can be hopeful that this may well turn around.

Proper slaughter cattle were again keenly sought after as were all feeder cattle. A widening gap is becoming apparent every week between straight Angus cattle and other breeds both to slaughter but more so to feed. Quality is certainly being paid for and those investing in their cattle are certainly reaping the rewards at present.

Strong demand remains evident for restocker cattle – a trend that seems to be growing stronger as the weeks progress. Those with feed now could be well advised to act sooner rather than later.