CTLX Market Report 19/05/15

Numbers at 4210 head remained similar and the quality varied throughout the sale. There were a good number of well finished cattle. Yearlings and cows were well supplied while heavy grown steers and bullocks were limited. All the usual buyers operated in a dearer market.

Vealers lifted 15c to 25c, with the steer portion selling from 269c to 307c/kg. Yearling steers to feed were firm on the medium weights but 15c/kg dearer on the heavy weights. Prices averaged from 280c to 295c/kg. Trade steers lifted 10c, receiving 278c to 303c and the heifers gained 6c to range from 255c to 304c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks sold between 250c and 302c/kg. Most of the cows lifted 5c to 10c/kg on the heavier weights and more on lighter weights. The medium weight 2 score cows sold from 150c to 190c and the heavy 3 and 4 scores 192c to 216c/kg.

To quotes from today:

Steve Goldsack, Boree, Angus Steers, 297.2c, 698kg, $2074.46

Wonganella Farms, Taralga, Angus X Steers, 300.0c, 573kg, $1720.00

B R & D A Wilson, Tallwood, Angus X Steers, 300.0c, 534kg, $1603.33

Rosmary Carroll, Bathurst, Droughtmaster X Steers, 289.0c, 551kg, $1592.59

Karoo Angus, Meadow Flat, Angus Cows, 214.0c, 735kg, $1574.68

O W & J W Nicol, Oberon, Angus X Steers, 300.0c, 523kg, $1571.67

William C Bell, Oberon, Charolais X Cows, 212.0c, 713kg, $1511.56

R R Hadley, Hartley, Charolais X Heifers, 305.2c, 488kg, $1489.38

Andrew Larnach, Rockley, Hereford Steers, 301.2c, 457kg, $1377.99

P A Reen, Meadow Flat, Angus Steer Weaners, 294.4c, 359kg, $1058.11

Peter Siejka, Bathurst, Angus X Heifer Yearlings, 286.2c, 358kg, $1025.55

George Williams, Oberon, Charolais X Steer Vealer, 312.2, 328kg, $1024.02

Camilleri Investments, Barry, Angus Steer Weaners, 282.2c, 316kg, $891.86

As you can no doubt see from the quotes above today was the day we well and truly broke through the 300 cent barrier at CTLX. Fat cattle are becoming harder to source every week and those still on offer continue to reap an ever growing reward.

Feeders likewise followed suit and chased processors with higher rates although generally just short of the $3 mark. Most good pens of black feeders made from 295 to 298 cents. Again this week some excellent pens of weaners yarded going both to feed and to restockers. Once these cattle fall below feeder weights rates continue to be at somewhat lower levels. At around 280 cents for good black steers to go back out to the paddock and with prime and feeder rates at 300 you don’t have to be the world’s greatest mathematician to work out the equation.

With good rain falling across the south today it looks onwards and upwards for the foreseeable future. Have a good one.