CTLX Market Report 19/01/16

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CTLXIt was only a fair quality yarding with limited numbers of prime cattle in all sections. A large percentage of the yarding was made up of cattle lacking finish.

Limited numbers of young cattle to the trade were 2c cheaper with vealers selling to 329c/kg. Young feeder steers were 6c cheaper, while the feeder heifers were up to 12c/kg cheaper. Feeder steers sold from 296c to 337c while the feeder heifers sold from 256c to 308c/kg. Young steers to the restockers sold to 358c/kg.

Grown steers were 4c to 6c cheaper with the prime medium and heavy weights selling from 260c to 285c/kg. Grown heifers were 2c to 5c cheaper selling to 264c/kg.

Plain condition cows were 10c cheaper, while the better conditioned cows were firm to 3c/kg cheaper. The 2 score cows sold from 150c to 200c, while the better 3 and 4 scores sold from 198c to 227c with the 4 score heavy weights averaging 224c/kg.
Bulls sold to 285c/kg.

Top results for the run:

R P Toohey, Blayney, Charolias Bull, 270.0c, 1075kg, $2902.50

R McPhillamy, Tarana, Angus Bull, 285.0c, 725kg, $2066.25

B & L Edwards, Lyndhurst, Hereford Steers, 281.2c, 684kg, $1923.41

L,L & C Baker, Sprigside, Angus Steers, 270.0c, 664kg, $1792.00

D R & R J Price, Blayney, Angus Steers, 326.2c, 447kg, $1460.05

Cameron Oborn, Forest Reefs, Angus Steers, 321.2c, 462kg, $1484.54

J L & J J Press, Blayney, Angus Steers, 322.2c, 385kg, $1240.47

D G & M D Stonestreet, Newbridge, Angus Heifers, 303.6c, 440kg, $1338.00

D R & R J Price, Blayney, Angus Heifers, 307.8c, 385kg, $1185.67

Rockley Larnach, Rockley, Angus X Steers, 329.2c , 335kg, $1102.82

Big increases in numbers across the state this week with all major centers showing rises. The public holiday next Tuesday could well have contributed a little to this today. Whilst quoted cheaper for most categories generally feeder cattle sold to solid rates as did all restocker types.

Heavy slaughter cattle are truly the toughest segment of the market at the present. Few heavy steers were making far past the low 280’s and their sisters were being stopped in the 60’s. Cows also saw some reversals today with mid 220’s being generally the high water mark for the day.

The cattle market remains a supply and demand reality. If good rain eventuates over the next few weeks’s numbers could as quickly evaporate as they have appeared. Maybe a steady hand on the tiller is called for at present. Hasten slowly.

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