CTLX Market Report 10/11/15

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It was a very good quality yarding of 2440 head, with a good selection of heavy weight cows, grown steers and heifers, along with good numbers of prime yearlings. Most of the regular buyers competed in a solid market.
Young cattle to the trade were firm to 4c/kg dearer. Prime yearling steers sold from 293c to 328c while the prime heifer yearlings sold from 280c to 321c/kg.

Young feeder cattle were up to 15c dearer, with the feeder steers selling from 285c to 347c while the feeder heifers sold to 321c/kg. Young steers to the restockers were also dearer, selling to 359c/kg.

Grown steers were 8c dearer, selling from 260c to 311c to slaughter and 344c/kg to feed. Grown heifers sold to 295c/kg.

Cows were 5c to 10c dearer, with the 2 scores selling from 180c to 237c/kg. The better 3 and 4 scores sold from 220c to 268c, with the 4 score heavy weights averaging 257c/kg.

Bulls were also dearer, selling to 305c/kg.

Top quotes from today:

The Whitney Pastoral Co, Carcoar, Angus Bulls, 305.2c, 953kg, $2909.57

Wakefield Ashurst, Molong, Hereford X Cows, 250.0c, 793g, $1984.38

Camilleri Investments, Barry, Angus Cows, 266.6c, 681kg, $1817.82

J F & R E Mendham, Canowindra, Charolais X Cow, 266.2c, 622kg, $1655.76

Plantinga Enterprises, Blayney, Angus Heifers, 284.0c, 600kg, $1705.42

John Anderson, Brewongle, Angus Steers, 339.2c, 428kg, $1452.39

Frank Bartirilla, Meadow Flat, Angus Steers, 345.2c, 415kg, $1435.46

Fordsprings Pty Ltd, Neville, Charolais X Steers, 341.0c, 395kg, $1348.26

Est A R Rowlands, Mandurama, Murray Grey Steers, 340.0c, 373kg, 1270.75

B J & L M Baker, Carcoar, Charolais X Heifers, 320.0c, 369kg, $1180.80

A really top shelf yarding of cattle at CTLX this morning which received the full force of the market across all weights and grades. Quality was as good as we have seen for many weeks probably as good as we have seen for the entire spring.

Of note was the depth of competition on all cows and all feeder cattle. Both steer and heifer feeders were pushed to new heights with several orders operating.

Restocker orders were also active on all lighter weight cattle. These still look buyable when compared to where slaughter and feeder rates are at present. The figures involved may well look scary if looked at in isolation. In the past we have seen store cattle trading equations look a whole lot worse. Possibly the worst thing to do now is to sell out of this market and not replace trading cattle – who knows where this market could go in the next quarter.

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