CTLX Market Report 09/06/15

It was a plainer quality yarding of 3400 with good numbers of young cattle to suit the feeders and only a limited selection of prime young cattle and grown steers to suit the processors. Once again there were a good percentage of cows yarded.

Young cattle to the processors were 3c to 6c cheaper with vealers selling to 305c/kg. Prime steer yearlings sold from 286c to 310c while the prime heifer yearlings sold from 248c to 303c/kg. Young feeder cattle were up to 7c cheaper, with feeder steers selling from 245c to 314c while the feeder heifers sold from 248c to 290c/kg.

Limited grown steers were 6c cheaper, with the prime medium weights selling from 275c to 297 to slaughter and 310c/kg to feed. Grown heifers sold to 275c/kg.

Plain condition cows were 1c to 3c easier while the properly finished cows were 3c/kg dearer. 2 score cows sold from 140c to 169c while the better 3 and 4 scores sold from 165c to 216c, with the 4 score heavy
weights averaging 198c/kg.

Bulls were also dearer selling to 267c/kg.

Top quotes from today:

R & C A Oates, Millthorpe, Angus Steers, 289.0c, 603kg, $1743.03

O Q & J W Nicol Oberon, Angus X Steers, 301.2c, 546kg, $1645.31

Sunnypoint Pastoral, Oberon, Angus X Steers, 301.2c, 521kg, $1570.01

W & M McLeland, Oberon, Angus Steers, 308.8c, 499kg, $1543.14

Peter Schell, Oberon, Angus Steers, 311.2c, 487kg, $1515.99

W R & M A Kingham, Millthorpe, Angus Heifers, 293.2c, 504kg, $1478.57

M & A Miller, Bathurst, Angus Steers, 312.6c, 432kg, $1350.43

Glengowan Angus, Moorilda, Angus Cows, 210.0c, 590kg, 1239.00

M A & J Robson, Carcoar, Charolais X Steers, 298.2c, 376kg, $1121.23

Camilleri Investments, Barry, Angus Steer Weaners, 300.0c, 314kg, $942.85

Winter continues to take its effect on the weekly yarding with proper prime cattle becoming scarcer each week. Slaughter orders continue to battle over available supplies and rates remain fully firm at elevated levels. Feeder cattle were a little easier across the board; however, prices remain well past the three dollar level. Certainly more life in the better end of the cow job this week compared to last. This market segment does seem to be on a bit of a one week up one week down sort of ride.

Store cattle selling returns to CTLX this coming Friday with approximately 4000 store cattle slated to go under the hammer. With prospects for the market going forward so strong opportunity beckons for those with the feed to put a few away at reasonable rates. This window of opportunity will be well and truly closed when we get to the back half of winter given anywhere near normal rainfall.