CTLX Market Report 07/07/15

Numbers jumped this sale 4350 head and quality was very mixed. There were a large percentage of light plain cattle offered although there were still some well finished lines yarded. Yearlings made up the majority of the offering. Most of the usual buyers were present and competing in a firm to easier market.

Vealer steers and heifers sold from 250c to 308c/kg. Yearling steers to processors slipped 6c to 8c, with prices ranging from 285c to 326c/kg for medium and heavy weights.

The unfinished lines to feeders held firm with medium weights selling from 280c to 330c and heavy weight received from 285c to 326c/kg. The heifer portion to feed slipped 5c to 6c, ranging in price from 270c to 306c/kg.

The better finished lines to processors were also 4c to 5c/kg easier. Medium weights sold from 259c to 317c and heavy weights received from 285c to 310c/kg.Heavy steers and bullocks sold from 285c to 323c/kg. Grown heifers received from 250c to 290c/kg.

Cows held firm to 5c/kg better. Heavy 3 score sold from 225c to 246c and 4 score received from 234c to 246c/kg.

Top quotes from today:

M N Hadley, Rydal, Angus Cows, 242.0c, 660kg, $1598.06

Chesney Pastoral, Errowanbang, Cross Bred Cows, 245.0c, 603kg, $1478.90

Glengowan Angus, Newbridge, Angus Cows, 242.0c, 606kg, 1467.13

R J & G J Stanbridge, Blayney, Charolais X Heifer, 285.0c, 610kg, $1738.50

G J & S L Beasley, Lucknow, Friesian Steers, 240.0c, 662kg, $1588.80

J H Parker, Barry, Red Angus X Steers, 303.6c, 515kg, $1565.56

T L & F A Charge, Oberon, Angus Steers, 328.2c, 465kg, $1528.86

BW, MF & WJ McCormick, Crookwell, Angus Heifers, 311.6c, 379kg, $1183.43

R F McPhillamy, Tarana, Limousin X Steers, 319.2c, 336kg, $1073.00

G J & R A Keen, Blayney, Angus Steers, 320.0c, 347kg, $1110.85

R F & K M Kable, Neville, Angus Steers, 315.0c, 301kg, $949.79

This line is starting to sound repetitive but it was another very solid and sound market at CTLX this morning. A few categories lost a little ground from last week’s very buoyant rates, however, only a few cents either way. Cows showed the only real gains on the day climbing 4 or 5 cents.

Once again feeders remained keenly sought after, as were all slaughter ready stock. Restocker orders are well and truly active in the market on all suitable lines and it will be interesting to see how Friday’s store market compares.

Speaking of which, this Friday, as mentioned in last week’s column will see a change in how our store sales will run with the introduction of pre weighing on the steers and heifers. These all be properly curfewed and officially weighed by the CTLX staff and these official weights will be displayed above the pens to give buyers all the information to help them make their purchasing decisions. We hope this gives the producer / buyer the confidence to step into the market and compete on a level footing against the professional buyers.

With the fat market racing along at a great pace at present store cattle still look pretty good value. Those with the feed and space to put cattle away over the next couple of months could be well advised to get in before we get to the back half of winter. If we start to get a bit of rain, it is predicted for this coming weekend, store markets could well kick through the roof with spring beckoning and the promise of feed in the paddocks.