CTLX Market Report 06/10/15

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Number lifted to 3260 and the quality was mostly good, with prime cattle well supplied. Yearling heifers were in good numbers and there was reasonable numbers of steers which were mainly purchased by feedlot orders. There also was an increase in the number of grown steers and bullocks. 1,100 cows were drawn for. All the usual buyers attended but not all operated in a cheaper market.

Veal to the trade eased 10c, selling from 280c to 339c/kg. Restockers paid to 344.6c/kg for medium weight steers. Heavy trade steers were steady and the medium weights were 2c cheaper and sold to 314c/kg. Trade heifers were 2c easier on the medium weights and 15c cheaper on the heavy weights, receiving 270c to 309c/kg.

Feeder steers and heifers lost 15c to 20c on the medium and heavy drafts, with steers ranging from 290c to 348c and heifers selling from 250c to 316c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks fell 25c to 30c on the heavier runs, ranging between 268c and 310c/kg for most. Grown heifers eased at a similar rate, with most receiving between 260c and 275c/kg.

Medium weight cows were steady with the 2 scores averaging 220c/kg. The heavy 3 and 4 scores were back 6c to 7c, selling between 230c and 268c/kg.

Top quotes from today:

Kerry Anne Hughes, Panuara, Simmental Bull, 309.2c, 960kg, $2968.32

John Reen, Meadow Flat, Angus Cows, 255.0c, 754kg, $1922.70

DG & MD Stonestreet, Newbridge, Angus Heifers, 275.0c, 596kg, $1639.68

Plantinga Enterprises, Browns Creek, Angus Cows, 256.0c, 620kg, $1588.90

Carter Farms, Blayney, Hereford Heifers, 290.2c, 428kg, $1242.73

JF & RE Mendham, Canowindra, Red Angus X Steers, 307.2c, 557kg, $1711.68

Questaco Pty Ltd, Lucknow, Angus X Steers, 312.0c, 391kg, $1220.40

DG & W Pratley, Bathurst, Angus Heifers, 300.0c, 392kg, $1178.57

WB ME & WD Whiteley, Angus Steers, 312.0c, 412kg, $1285.44

Dry conditions across the feeder area is starting to send increased numbers to market and with a warming, drying trend in all predictions we can probably look forward to increased yardings over coming weeks. Whilst numbers went up and prices subsequently went down we are far from “cut your throat” stakes yet. Maybe a little shine has been lost but prices are still at very tradeable levels. If you have fat cattle in the paddock it may well be prudent to take a position sooner rather than later.

Store cattle selling returns to CTLX on Friday with around 2500 head slated for sale. With a little gloss off the market maybe opportunity beckons.

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