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    Sheep in MOLONG

    400 SIL Ewe Hoggets

      SIL merino ewe hoggets that have been looked after well considering the dry condition. Shorn in Jan these ewes have a good 25 to 30mm start back in the skin and the wool is growing nicely. There is a reasonable spread in weight and condition, this is because they have been bred over 3 of the vendors propeties and have all been back together since January.
      Please note the large curfew on these, over 24 hrs, well and truly and empty assessment weight.
      The McDonald sheep are classed heavily by Paul Kelly, these were classed out by him, but the fertility in these is very good with an excellent joining rate at 97% over the entire mob. Twins have been identified with a red dot.
      Good young merino ewes that should lamb well and have years of production ahead of them.

      Sex: Ewe
      Number of Head: 400
      Average Weight: 45.8 kgs
      Age: 17 - 18 Months
      Accreditation(s): LPA

      Dam: Merino, Sire: Merino

      Preg Tested?: