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    Cattle in MOLONG

    20 NSM Cows & 21 Calves

      Young hereford cows in their prime, 2nd CAF now and the cows are milking the house down. Calves very fresh and sappy, ave 80kgs,calves marked at assessment. Cows holding condition well conisdering the season. Reason for selling is the season and season only, as they are not vendor bred cows, they are the first to go. Nice opportunity to buy young cattle that have jumped through the hoops so far and raised their first calf well.
      Only medium frame cows with a few a little larger but carry plenty of depth of body and width through the top line. The milk under these cows though is very very good, and one cow is raising twins .
      One cow also noted with some old scarring in one eye, does not seem to effect vision. One cow also had slightly longer toe on back toe.
      Please note a photo of the sire of the calves, a very sound, thick bull.

      Sex: Cow
      Number of Head: 20
      Average Weight: 445 kgs
      Age: 3 - 3.5 Years
      Accreditation(s): LPA, MSA

      Number of Head: 20 - Dam: Hereford, Sire: Hereford

      Preg Tested?: