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    Cattle in CUDAL

    76 Weaned Steers

      Outstanding EU calves from Frisby Park, weighed out to load a neat 2 decks. These steers are proven performers year after year, and are backed by over 50 years of Angus breeding in once was a leading seedstock herd in the district.
      They are deep bodied, heavy boned cattle, with great carcass attributes. The cattle were more unsettled then usually so this reflects in the temperament but i dont believe that is a true representation of how the cattle usually are.
      The cattle have been weaned now for over 4 weeks and are certainly back on the do, with an average of near 1.5kgs over the past two weeks.
      These cattle will be offered cents per kilo over a weighbridge as per above terms.
      Please note brothers in sale, again weighed and drafted to make a neat b double between them. 3 steers did have a white patch on the underline but all behind the navel.

      Sex: Steer
      Number of Head: 76
      Average Weight: 281.3 kgs
      Age: 7 - 8 Months
      Accreditation(s): EU, LPA, MSA

      Number of Head: 76 - Dam: Angus, Sire: Angus

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