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    Cattle in BLAYNEY

    40 Feeder Heifers

      Ideal feeder or grass finisher heifers to put away for the winter markets. Anything under 330kgs has been taken out and left a very even line of heifers from 347 to 460kgs full weights. Very confident of the pregnancy status as there are no bulls on this farm, no BB are retained for breeding purposes
      Heifers in very fresh condition still and appear to moving forward well. Would also suit a breeder looking for some autumn calving heifers. Sires selected from Kennys Creek have a emphasis on moderate BW and higher than ave growth figures. 2 heifers noted to have old pink eye scarring as well in one eye only.
      Please note the 5 red cattle can be optional if desired with prior notice.

      Sex: Heifer
      Number of Head: 40
      Average Weight: 374.3 kgs
      Age: 17 - 18 Months
      Accreditation(s): LPA

      Number of Head: 30 - Dam: Hereford, Sire: Angus,
      Number of Head: 10 - Dam: Angus/Hereford, Sire: Angus

      Preg Tested?: